Forbidden Games Collectivity, Conflict, Imagination, Transformation People Land State The Real War

Forbidden Games, published in Computer Games, Architecture And Urbanism: The Next Level

Collectivity, Conflict, Imagination, Transformation, published in The Curatorial Conundrum

Exhibition Catalogue:
Exhibition Catalogue:
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Exhibition Catalogue: Evil to the Core

Project Reader:
Exhibition Catalogue:
Exhibition Catalogue:
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A Cookbook for Political Imagination, published to accompany Yael Bartana’s exhibition “… and Europe will be stunned” for the Polish Pavilion at the 54th Biennale of Art in Venice.
A conversation between artist Yael Bartana and the notorious Austrian philosopher Otto Weininger
Galit Eilat in conversation with Artur Żmijewski
Exhibition Catalogue: It doesn’t always have to be beautiful, unless it’s beautiful
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On the Other Hand, published in conjunction with Antonis Pittas’s exhibition at Hordaland Art Centre.
You are not a cannon, published in conjunction with Michael Blum’s exhibition, CIAO GATHOUL, at Frac des Pays de la Loire.
Margalith, published in conjunction with Aye Ben Ron’s exhibition, Margalith, at Arco 07 Projects
Non-Zionist Propaganda, published in Yael Bartana’s publication, Short Memory
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Representing something that you disagree with, an interview with Galit Eilat with Renata Cervetto, Ulrike Jordan and Georgia Stellin
A Curator’s Ethical Code in Conflict Zones, published in Scandalous, A Reader on Art and Ethics.
Where Do You Draw the Line?, published in South Atlantic Quarterly by Duke University Press
Exhibition Catalogue: Aye Ben Ron’s Voyage to Cythera