VinylVideo [DAL, Holon]

Gebhard Sengmuller’s VinylVideo is a new, wondrous and fascinating development in the history of audio-visual media. For the first time in the history of technological innovation, VinylVideo makes possible the storage of video (moving image plus sound) on analogue long-play records. Playback from the VinylVideo picture disk is made possible with the VinylVideo unit which consists of a normal turntable, a special conversion box (aka the VinylVideo home kit) and a television.

A solo by Gebhard Sengmulle

Dates: 28.04 — 10.06.01 Venue: Israeli Center for Digital Art

In its combination of analogue and digital elements VinylVideo is a relic of fake media archeology. At the same time, VinylVideo is a vision of new live video mixing possibilities. By simply placing the tone arm at different points on the record, VinylVideo makes possible the random access manipulation of the time axis. With the extremely reduced picture and sound quality, a new mode of audio-visual perception evolves. In this way, VinylVideo reconstructs a home movie medium as a missing link in the history of recording moving images while simultaneously encompassing forms of dj-ing and vj-ing.