Hapzura III [DAL, Holon]

DCF 1.0

There are many ways in which to explain what translation entails but even the most varied explanations agree that translation occurs between human languages and cultures. That is to say, languages are a cultural means of expressing what ‘culture’ is. The act of translation to and from languages- and within language itself- has a political aspect, as it represents a culture, nation or perception (ideology). However, languages can also be categorized by disciplines- the language of law, of technology, of art or music. In these translation occurs within the language itself, rather than with another language outside of it. This internal dynamic of translation changes this kind of dialogue from its political aspects, from conducting a discussion between various cultures and nationalities, and it places it between humans and the world they live in.

Artists: Adriana Garcia Galan, Artur Zmijewski, Eva Koch, Imogen Stidworthy, Marcus Coates, Michal Naaman, Orit Kruglanski, Romy Achituv, Yossi Mar-Haim

Venue: Israeli Center for Digital Art Dates: 13.12.2007 — 01.03.2008