A Voyage To Cythera [Berlin Museum of Medical History, Berlin]

The solo show ‘A Voyage To Cythera’ by artist Aya Ben Ron, is a radical intervention in the collection of the Berlin Medical Historical Museum: framed by a sound installation and followed with texts and poems, several large-sized sculptures and video installations are temporarily integrated into the permanent collection of the museum. With this intervention the artist questions the experiences of hospital patients and, more specifically, grapples with the status and dignity of the specimens exhibited at the museum.

A solo exhibition by Aya Ben Ron. Dates: 28.04 – 29.06.2012

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A VOYAGE TO CYTHERA – Exhibition Guide 

The main theme of Ben Ron’s project, which is named after Baudelaire’s poem, is the perception and representation of the body in art and medicine. Ben Ron transgresses the categorical boundaries of both disciplines. However, there is no pathological aestheticism or, despite an omnipresence of death and pain, no sentimental interpretation of the artist’s graphically reduced work. With emotional distance and a grim sense of humor, Aya Ben Ron explores medical routine to its greatest socio- historical extent.