Blackmarket for Useful Knowledge and Non-Knowledge #12

At the Blackmarket you can choose from 100 experts of various fields, and for only 5 NIS you will be offered a portion of their knowledge that can be narrated in 30 minutes. You may also, of course, just listen to the conversations via headphones, for free.

Mobile Academy – Blackmarket of Useful Knowledge and Non-Knowledge No. 12

The event imitates well known places of knowledge transfer such as archives and reading rooms and combines them with situations of communication which are familiar from the stock exchange and counseling sessions. The Blackmarket is an alternative model of knowledge transfer – popular and wise, social and glamorous, non-institutional and wild.

Concept & Space: Mobile Academy, Hannah Hurtzig
Project Director: Eyal Danon
Production Manager:Eyal Vexler
Head of Research: Noa Shuval
Researchers & Interviewers: Yasmeen Daher, Yael Messer
The Israeli Center for Digital Art Team Director: Galit Eilat

Venue: The Arab Jewish Community Center, Tel Aviv-Jaffa. Israel.
Date: 26.09.2009

Invisibility and ghostliness is used in this Blackmarket as a metaphor for specific people, ideologies, utopian ideas, ways of living, whose representation is denied or not authorized. The ghostly reality is a result of the denial or refusal to give language or a voice to something and it is the moment where the borders between what has been approved as real is set in contrast to the phantasm.