The Presence of the Real [Peja Arts Gallery, Peje. Prishtina, Kosovo]

The Presence of the Real is an international exhibition connecting to the moment after a war or revolution when the real is present without the promise of utopia or illusion, like a broken simulacra. In this context, the cities and spaces appear as masterpieces of colorful patchworks and layers, and through them one can see the past bursting forth into the present.

Venue: Peja Arts Gallery, Peje. Prishtina Kosovo
Dates: 13.07 – 30.09.2016

Artists: Effi & Amir, Nir Evron, Flaka Haliti, Majlinda Hoxha, Cristina Mari / Bardhi Haliti, Armend Nimani, Vigan Nimani, Ilya Rabinovich, Blerim Racaj.

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