The works in the Breaking News program, presented at the Digital Art Lab in Holon to accompany VideoZone 3: The Third International Video Art Biennial in Israel, examine the interrelations between the fields of art, cinema and media. They explore the gaps between news coverage and fiction, between viewer and participant, and between the event and its presentation, via “apolitical” treatment of the topically and acutely political. 

The Sanhedrin conference wishes to question the connection between the museum and the nation state, through the examination of divergent museum models, at a time when the status of the nation state is being undermined by influences of neo-liberal economics. We wish to ask: how do museums function as distributors of political ideology in this paradigm shift between national and neo-liberal economies? How do museums construct a representation of the past while the present stands in ideological contradiction to it (especially in former communists countries)? In what manner can museums be critical of the state or the politics of corporate funding, and is this mode of institutional critique from within the institution is relevant today? This questions was the starting point and framework for this conference. 

Click here for the video documentation of the Conference  first day and second day